organic unrefined Shea butter

organic Shea butter 25kg block
Detailed Description

traditional organic certified Shea butter

Vitellaria Paradoxa

Port Tema (Ghana)
Production Capacity

40  Ton/Tons / Month - according to the terms

of the agreement

Packaging Details packed in 25kg bags with Polyinliners, vacuum
Delivery Time saisonal, or per order every time


organic evidence Shea butter and nuts
Ghanaoils organic evidence.pdf
PDF-Dokument [915.9 KB]

Our traditional unrefined organic Shea butter / Karite (Vitellaria paradoxa) products are made by the highest quality specifications. The nuts are collected wild and are gently processed. Due to our experience we can offer the highest quality standards. We use and sell only unrefined shea butter.

Our traditional Shea Butter is pleasure for both, eye and scent and besides the full golden colour it captivates through an amazing aroma full of nuts and chocolate.