Organic Sheabutterprojekt in Nord-Ghana

``Mavis Asigre Women’s Shea butter Cooperative``

North Ghana in the Upper East District. The Upper East Region is a small district with the regional capital in Bolgatanga. Financial service is hardly not available because of the low salary and just in the big citys.
Women in North Ghana are tethered to there farm and doing the most of the work (family, education from the kids, etc.). Therefore they need mainly small-loan which they don't get from the bank.
The NGO's are helping, as well with small-loans, the women with some


agriculture and farming of animals:

-groundnut, beans, maize, millet, sorghum, rice, okra, tomatoes and onions

-goats, chicken, fowls


The sheatree supports the small farmer family's as a naturally resource for groceries and in the medicine; as well for the local plants and biological diversity for the economically useful animals.
In the parkland community's the sheafruit has a crucial meaning as a support from the basis of groceries. This fruit is of use for the animals (elefants, pigs, sheeps, bats and birds) as a big grocery as well.
The fleshly Sheafruit had a lot of nutrients (sugar, protein, calcium, potassium).


Shea butter production:

Our group comprising over 120 women and 5 man.
The cooperative known as the Mavis Asigre Woman Shea butter Cooperative is the product of a poverty in Northern Ghana.
We support the women to start in Shea butter extraction for sustainability in ventures.


List of the Mavis Asigre Women Shea butter Cooperative

Groupleader: Mavis Asigre & Asandena
group1: Atulley Abatirah, Atarigiya Adong, Atarigiya Adogbesa, Apifigra Awine, Asumgre Abozaran, Akantu-use Anongyire, Appige Akumjeipa, Akundingya Afia, Akankeele Agamarata, Akankeige Abena
group2: Adidegro Ageindinakose, Akandi Akaa, Akandi Apekuse,
Atazuo Atipana, Apolyu Aguzina, Adagikina Adikersi, Adongro Agrapee,Agulisiya Arayda, Ayuubise Atanyela
group3: Abugriyu Akeesana, Abugriyu A-Akibo, Atüba Apoogyangill, Anamuman Soman, Atuba Yace, Ateeke Aleigumyeela, Akuman Akapeisira, Niyaaba Asimun, Akubure Azineuio-osego, Atunga Akenzea
group4: Abanga Alimiya, Ape-esitage Anyoka, Atasa-ena Aberiga, Apa-elangaya Atintono, Atigneriba Ayibasiya, Akandirige Atampogire, Akubilika Adonbire, Abeero Avoosi, Aleriki-ene Anyo, Apewirem Aganyo
Groupleader: Mavis Asigre
Aneriba Apugbire, Aneriba Cyonia, Ananlese Anyoka, Apegrina Asurerdona, Asigre Apalazoya, Asigre Christian, Aneriba Adugpoca, Aberinga Alyaama, Abagna Atansena, Abagna Agowah, Aneriba Atingapoka, Aberinga Amoobuno, Akanyem Nyaama, Akanyem Alamise, Abagena Atutono, Aneriba Suze

Collecting area:

Picking up the Sheanuts

Picking up the Sheanuts and the production are just in the hands from women.
- early in the morning at 5am till 10am the nuts are collected every day (in a radius from about 5 kilometers away from house).
- years ago the women just had slippers on. Now they wear normal shoes.

Processing of the sheanut:

After collecting the nuts they have to do more than 5 processing steps until the kernels can be stored and the nuts converted in butter.
Extraction from the fruitpulp
After picking up the nuts the fruitpulp will be removed which Children often are eating.
 Sheanuss ohne Fruchtfleisch
Now the nuts will be kooked for 45 minutes. The shootforming is now interrupted.
Drying nuts:
After kooking the nuts will be dryed on some jute sacks in the sun. A few times each day they will be turned. In case of rain, wetness or low sun the nuts can get black. These ones are not anymore to use for the production because the black ones have a really low selling price.

Extraction the peel:
You can hear it when the kernels in the peel are dry. If you take one and shake it in your hand you will hear a dry and rustle sound. Now the kernel dissolved from the peel. With a small mortar the peel will be broke.
To dry kernels:
The kernels will be drying for 3 to 5 days. There are lying up of jute sacks on palettes and will be stored in a drying room

Sheakerne werden nach dem waschen und trocknen aussortiert. Nur die besten Nüsse werden weiterverarbeitetThe kernels are ready to extract the oil.