CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Shea nut crushing with a hand stamper


Mavis Asigre Women's Shea butter Cooperative commits itself to its overall economic, moral-ethical and traceable responsibility. Therefore the Corporate Identity (CI) of ghanaoils.com is aligned with long-term base values which will serve the common welfare. 

Thus our focus is the sustaining social support of our partners in Africa and in other emerging nations or developing countries. Now, quite concretely, ghanaoils.com will increasingly foster agricultural projects concerning fruitful launch-cultivations of naturally-pure African raw materials. 

Our long-term goal is to enable our partners and their co-workers in establishing a humane lifehood including pride and fairness.

Beyond that, ghanaoils.com commits itself to obey and to optimize all important principles of "Fair Trade and organic standards" like the guarantee of minimum wages, an evolution of women's rights and the support of educational strategic self-help.